Launch Notes

From the directors Yan Du & Michèle Ruo Yi Landolt

“We are pleased that Asymmetry is finally live and we can share our exciting projects with you. My passion for this foundation stems from my deep appreciation for art and all the talented people it involves; besides the crucial role that artists play, this further extends to curators, critics, academics, thinkers and writers who all vitally contribute to the arts ecosystem. As a supporter of the arts with a Chinese background, I am looking forward to integrating Chinese and Asian contemporary art practice into a more global dialogue. By creating engaging projects that connect accomplished art professionals with institutions that I love and believe in across borders and beyond, I am fulfilling my vision of uniting different worlds that have the same one mission which is promoting the long-term growth of contemporary art.”

Yan Du, Founder and Director

“It is a pleasure and an honour to be playing a vital part in developing and overseeing projects at Asymmetry. Asymmetry is unique in its mission to create cutting-edge opportunities for art professionals and accompany them on their paths of gaining and sharing beneficial resources and knowledge. Coming from a multi-cultural background, I am most excited about building a sustainable network of talented art professionals who shift between cultures – it will be a gift that keeps on giving for the advancement of a more global understanding of contemporary art practice.”

Michèle Ruo Yi Landolt, Deputy Director