Yu'an Huang

Chisenhale Gallery, London
2-5.30pm BST, 21.05.2022

KUA 01 Re-Integration preview courtesy of Yu'an Huang, visual and publication design by Marwan Kaabour and Jeanne Constantin

4.30-5.30pm, Chisenhale Gallery Studio

Organised by Chisenhale Curatorial Writing Fellow Yu’an Huang, the launch event of KUA 01: Re-Integration invites audiences to join a roundtable discussion to talk with the project’s collaborators. Sharing insights into the making of the publication, the group will be joined by Chisenhale Gallery’s Director Zoé Whitley who will introduce the key ideas of KUA 01 and the processes of publication-making as curatorial practice.

The first issue delves into themes of cultural estrangement, relocation and return, offering a closer inspection of the nuances and complex states of transnational identities. The talk will invite cross-cultural collaborators Marwan Kaabour, Jeanne Constantin and Lara Baclig to share their experiences and responses to the project, followed by an open discussion.

2-4.00pm, Chisenhale Gallery Studio

Ahead of the roundtable discussion, Yu'an will also be leading a Creative Writing Workshop with writing tutor Alison Chandler, inviting participants to engage with a fictional text written during Yu'an's six-month Fellowship. Welcoming writers of all levels as well as artists who engage in writing as practice, participants will be introduced to the methodology of collective autoethnography and a fictional story published in KUA 01.

Bookings for these events have now closed.

Born from the need to connect with transnational minds, KUA (crossing beyond) is a cross-medium publication project investigating six universal themes around the human condition through the lens of transnational experiences. This part digital, part physical publication is part of Yu’an Huang’s Fellowship project at Chisenhale Gallery and brings together existing and commissioned works by artist Doug Aitken, Professor in Globalisation & Development, Dr. Valentina Mazzucato, and oral interviews and life stories on Re-Integration. Future issues will focus on 02 Displacement, 03 Intimacy, 04 Translation, 05 Superstitions and 06 Diagnosis. KUA 01 has a limited print copy of 250 copies and will be available to view online.

Yu'an Huang lives and works as an independent curator between London, Berlin and Taipei. She curates situations often presented in the form of happenings, consultations or events. Yu'an's curatorial projects have been shown at The Guardian's Hall, London (2012), Hackney WickED Art Festival, London (2013), The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung (2015), among others. In 2018, she founded LOA Gallery in London.

Marwan Kaabour is an art director and graphic designer based between London and Beirut. His work is varied from designing the Phaidon Rihanna book to rebranding Art Basel Hong Kong. He was a senior designer at Barnbrook Studio until 2020 and has since set up his own design studio. Marwan also founded Takweer, an online visual archive for queer culture in the Arabic speaking world.

Jeanne Constantin is an artist and graphic designer of Swiss heritage based in London. Her work focuses on the paradox and logic between human behaviour and its natural environment. As a designer, Jeanne has worked with ATLAS Arts, University of Oxford, Les Halles de Schaerbeek, and Gallery Bureau des Réalités.

Lara Baclig is a London-based writer and researcher of Filipino heritage raised in Switzerland. As an Ancient History graduate, her dissertation analysed gender constructs and eastern ‘foreignness’ in Ancient Greek society through Euripides' play Medea. She is a writer for ACA Project (Asian Contemporary Art) in France and contributes to U+Zine, Plurality University.

Alison Chandler is a London-based creative writing tutor at Writing Room, trained in counselling and education, whose specialisation is helping writers complete their first full manuscripts.